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Bead and Gem Show

Bead and Gem Show 

So I spent the day at the bead and gem show yesterday…..



I went with a friend who also makes jewelry. We looked through trays and trays and trays of stones and after 4 hours at the same booth we both had picked out enough stuff to last us each of us for months of jewelry making! I bought so many pieces that I couldn’t fit them all in the same photo! So here are a few photos of the stones I had picked. There was labradorite….


Lots and lots of green stones…swamp bog jasper, green serpentine, opalite and lemon quartz…


Ocean jasper, blue chaldony and deep blue lapis….


And then I found these….hickoryite, Botswana agate, striped onyx, smokey quartz and royal Savannah jasper…


I bought a few strands of beads as well but I haven’t photographed them yet. I can’t wait to get to work on creating with these beauties! If you see anything you like feel free to contact me for a custom piece!