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Etsy Metal Charm Swap 14 – step by step how I made my charms

Etsy Metal Charm Swap 14 – step by step how I made my charms

We’ve Gone Batty! Twice a year Etsy Metal, which I have been a member for quite a few years now, has a charm swap. This is my 7th charm swap since joining this amazing group of metal smiths from all over the world. The way the swap works is that 20 members sign up and all volunteer to make 22 charms each. When the charms are complete they send all 22 of the finished charms to whoever volunteers to collect and sort them. That person sends one of each charm back to each member who participated so we get 20 different charms back, one from each person who participated,  while the 2 extra charms go to the Etsy Metal team shop. 1 gets sold as a charm and the other is put on a charm bracelet with all the other charms and the bracelet is then sold. The money from the sale of the bracelet is then donated to different childrens art organizations all over the world. Here are the charms I made for the most recent swap (I went with a Halloween theme since it is October) and a short photo version of how I made them…..

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How to make a pair of Patchwork Wedding Bands

How to make a pair of Patchwork Wedding Bands

People ask me all the time “How do you make that?” so I thought I would document myself making a pair of patchwork wedding rings.

Step 1. Cut the silver to the correct length and width.

Ring band steps 1-1Ring band steps 1-2

Step 2. Stamp my name on the inside of the band…

Ring band steps 1-3

Step 3. Cut all the little mixed metal pieces to size to make the quilt pattern.

Ring band steps 1-4 Ring band steps 1-5

Step 4. Solder all of the little pieces to the silver ring band with a torch.

Ring band steps 2-1 Ring band steps 2-2 Ring band steps 2-3

Step 5. Shape the ring to make it round and then solder the ring together.

Ring band steps 2-4 Ring band steps 2-5

Step 6. Clean the fire scale (black color on metal due to heating)  off the ring in the pickle (a mild acid that cleans off the fire scale).

Ring band steps 3-2

Step 7. File the ring to make it smooth.

Ring band steps 3-1

Step 8. Oxidize the ring (make it black) to bring out the detail.

Ring band steps 3-4 Step 9. Buff off the oxidation keeping it only where you want it.

Ring band steps 3-5Ring band steps 4-2

Step 10. Rinse and polish the ring.

Ring band steps 4-3Ring band steps 3-3

Step 11. Repeat to make the second ring band.

Ring band steps 4-1

And there you have it! 2 wedding bands ready to be shipped out!